Situational Awareness

What it IS?

The meaning of the situational awareness is the sensing of the environment, the objects and events in face of them happening all around us. We mean these also on space and time horizon.
This requires

  • active awareness
  • the analysis of the observations
  • some intuition, prediction about the consequences and possible outcomes

All of these plays vital roles in our jobs, but also in our everyday life with more or less priority.
At jobs, we can consider law enforcement, security, air traffic control and basically any high responsibility jobs, where it has importance.
In our everyday lives it can provide major help to avoid traffic incidents, bad peoples, situations, etc.

Color Coding

In general there are color coding, which shows different levels of the awareness. Usually this contains 4+1 levels of the awareness, alertness.

  • White:
    unpreparedness, the lack of awareness, which can lead to be a potential victim
  • Yellow:
    awareness, aware of the environment, pays attention to the objects, living beings, persons
  • Orange:
    Recognized or suspects a potential threat, and ready to take steps against it
  • Red:
    Fully aware of the situation, and his actions to take, Ready to fight, fleet or any neccessary action
  • Black:
    This is the exact action, in progress, either fight, fleet or assistance for others

Spacial awareness

An important part of our lives. We face a lot of stimulus and distractions, so as a result we tend to pay less attention to our environment.
A recent general issue is the mobile usage and it consequences, accidents. This is exactly one source of a major distraction, which ditracts our senses and attentions.
The spacial awareness has of course big importance in driving for example. We have to more and more aware what’s happening around us, to avoid accidents even if that is caused by others.

In everyday life situations can be beneficial. Take consider a restaurant. Tactical point of view it’s worth to take a visual note and remember the back exits, kitchen entrance (this almost definitely leads to an exit), potential covers. These can be beneficial not just in case of a shooting, but in case of disasters, emergencies can be important ones.

Methods to gain awareness

Kim’s Game is a game, which helps to improve the concentration, observation abilities and memory. The basis of the game is, to capture the most information as possible in a time frame based on a picture or by the look of real-life objects. You watch them for a minute and you have to memorize the most to be the winner.

This kind of learning of course was present always in our lives. Let’s consider traffic situations. We have patterns, which we recognize, experience and we learn from those, to prevent dangerous situations (uncertain driver, who missing the lanes, kids running to the road from the cover of a bus around a school area).

Let’s see an interresting movie part, which is frequently cited in this topic, the part of a Bourne movie.

However here they have different points as well, some descripiton are overly detailed or unnecessary, the main points are there, which was mentioned about the spacial and general awareness in a diner. Note the exits, the people around us, and the environment.


I want to emphasize, in our everyday life, we should imagine action movie scenes, instant disasters or terror events. However these can happen as well. Moreover if we take just small steps, little smarter decisions, those can help avoid unwanted situations.
If you aware to not choose the table with your family and children, the table next to a drunk crowd.
If you cross the street if you see a weird crowd in front of you on the street.
Those action are not prejudices, however there are some profiling aspects. Those profiling are not based sole criterias (race, status), but a multi-point criteria system, a global experience based big picture.
This is not paranoia, not fear, just practical behavior.
The real strong warriors don’t need to take victory upon everybody. They rather avoid the fights, prevents the conflicts, even if they have no point to afraid at all.
So it definitely worth to learn and not being unaware with your environment. That way you can be more open, conscious in you life.

about the Blog

I don’t really wanna write about myself, don’t fell so important, the topics are the priorities. Anyway, if you’re google my name you can easily find out about me.

I had a bunch of ideas, what and in what form would be great to share and record.
At least for myself. And I only can hope, maybe these writings can be beneficial for others as well.

Let’s check it out, what or what kind of topics you can expect on these pages.

One is general thoughts, of course every topic could be somewhat biassed by my personal viewpoint. However these are at least inspired or processed topics, from another sources.

The sources mostly from Podcasts, Youtube, or internet articles.

The following topics could be appear:

  • Sport (bjj, running, …)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Science topics
  • Astrology
  • Quantum physics
  • Psychology (cognitive psychology) or philosophical thoughts (stoism, …)
  • Finance, handling money

So the list is quite diverse, but I’ll use one blog for all of these, because I can’t feel I’ll have enough content separately.

Let’s go start this blog finally… 🙂