about the Blog

I don’t really wanna write about myself, don’t fell so important, the topics are the priorities. Anyway, if you’re google my name you can easily find out about me.

I had a bunch of ideas, what and in what form would be great to share and record.
At least for myself. And I only can hope, maybe these writings can be beneficial for others as well.

Let’s check it out, what or what kind of topics you can expect on these pages.

One is general thoughts, of course every topic could be somewhat biassed by my personal viewpoint. However these are at least inspired or processed topics, from another sources.

The sources mostly from Podcasts, Youtube, or internet articles.

The following topics could be appear:

  • Sport (bjj, running, …)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Science topics
  • Astrology
  • Quantum physics
  • Psychology (cognitive psychology) or philosophical thoughts (stoism, …)
  • Finance, handling money

So the list is quite diverse, but I’ll use one blog for all of these, because I can’t feel I’ll have enough content separately.

Let’s go start this blog finally… 🙂